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Allegretti Architects has advanced the practice of architecture by engaging in the design of socially conscious, affordable, sustainable housing in urban to rural housing and existing neighborhood redevelopment. They have shown that it is possible to create excellent architecture for small-town America, areas not known for innovative design instead known for "cookie cutter" home. Recognizing that over 95% of this country's homes were being designed without architects, they have devoted their efforts to reversing the ill effects that this has on our community's visual and functional landscape. Their honest, affordable, efficiently planned use of interior space coupled with environmentally energy efficient, sustainable designs brought overwhelming response both nationally and internationally. Home owners as well as builder/craftsmen appreciate Allegretti's talented trademark designs. Allegretti Architects has enriched public awareness of architecture in an area under served by architects.

The architecture of Allegretti Architects is devoted to and inspired by Nature and its patterns, an “organic architecture”. The firm is an ardent proponent of environmentalism and believes man should live in harmony with Nature: “Our structures take advantage of natural forces, such as solar energy, while being cost-effective to build and operate.”

The company has been practicing architecture and planning, while in Southwest Michigan since 1975, serving clients through their design of custom residences, remodel and renovations of existing homes, libraries, parks, offices, and community development. Their work has been built in 27 states and in Europe. The practice has received over fifty design awards by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and AIA juried associations and has been published in Architectural Record, Architecture, Progressive Architecture, residential architect, Professional Builder, and Europe's American Dream House magazines. They are regularly recognized on national television including CBS "The Morning Show", HGTV's "Before and After" and "New Spaces" and through numerous websites including University of Illinois City Design Center's "Design Matters", Better Homes & Garden's "Home Plans", "Not So Big House", "Global-e-Architect" and others.

Devoted historic conservationists, Allegretti Architects restored the 1904 Carnegie Library in the town and use it for their office.

Allegretti Architects believes an architect owes something to their community, and as such, their members are active in civic affairs and actively participate with Habitat for Humanity. Most recently, Allegretti has designed and developed a new mixed use, mixed income neighborhood that will increase the City’s residential tax base by more than one third.

Allegretti Architects demonstrates that commitment to affordability, sustainability and good planning make for better communities and better quality of life.

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