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Beachwalk is a 106 acre planned community located on the site of a former sand mine in Michigan City, Indiana. The site is bounded by a 100’ primary sand dune on one side, and a mix of industrial, institutional, and medium density residential uses on the remaining sides. While only 800’ from the Lake Michigan shoreline, the site is “visually isolated’ from the water by the tall sand dune. Furthermore, due to its use as a sand mining operation, there was little connectivity between the site and adjacent land uses.

The primary goal in the development of this parcel was to establish a strong link to the Lake Michigan shoreline; a link that not only would connect the site to the lake but would also be established and reinforced within the community itself.

While strong links to the water’s edge were important, developing and maintaining a sense of community and enhancing the notion of connectivity within the development was equally important. Since the surrounding residential area consisted of a mix of vacation homes and primary residences, Beachwalk was to be designed to attract both seasonal and year round residents and to maintain the pedestrian oriented streetscapes similar to the existing adjacent residential areas.

Lastly, In establishing these goals and objectives for the new community, the developers also wanted to develop a means for accommodating change and managing future growth. These were all to be incorporated in an architectural and environmental code for Beachwalk.


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