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Zoning regulations and lake erosion setback forces the buildable footprint for this home to only 660 square feet. Further complications included a 45 foot high sand dune in front blocking lake views and tall trees dimming the sunlight. The solution, building up - 4 1/2 stories. The design is a tree bedroom home with a awe-inspiring two story atrium to serve as a central light source for the three top floors. Four dormers in the loft illuminate the house and allow different light patterns to enter, depending on the time of day and the season. The foundation was split into two and stepped into the hill. The lower portion houses a triple garage; the mezzanine level holds a laundry and utility room. Up a few steps to the entrance connecting the kitchen and breakfast room to the expansive living and dining rooms all defined by partitions, railings, and floor level variations. Low ceilings were used to create intimate rooms while the atrium accentuates the tree house feeling of the home. The views are impressive from the master suite and sitting area on the upper level of the house.

Private Residence

Stevensville, Michigan

Plenty of creativity in this plan


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