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The Owners ideas on creating an open atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment along the sandy edge of Lake Michigan were the main influences in the design of the home. Interior and exterior living and activity spaces of this vacation home are designed to take advantage of the views of Lake Michigan. The home itself consists of a structural system featuring columns and exposed beams that is juxtaposed over the site and defines the areas that are to be protected from the weather. interior and exterior spaces are thus free to flow in and out of this structural grid making the distinction between inside and out-side indiscernible. Walls are used only to distinguish private areas from public areas.

The whole site thus becomes a stage set for entertainment with the transparency of structures maintaining the focus on Lake Michigan from all portions of the site. The white colored structures, which include the house, pool house and garage contrast with the surrounding natural environment while the curved copper standing seam roofs give the buildings their own identity within a context of vacation homes.

Main structural system consists of reinforced concrete columns supporting glue laminated structural members. In-fill walls are wood framed. Exterior finish materials include exterior insulation and finish system and a copper standing seam roof. The palette of interior finishes include mahogany floors with maple and brass accent strips, mahogany trim and casework, ceramic tile and painted drywall. All wood structural members, along with the wood ceiling are stained with a semi-transparent white stain.

Private Residence

home creating natural place through its spatial transparency.


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