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The owners are long-time Rosemary Beach, Michigan summer residents who requested our firm to design a vacation home with aesthetics and function somewhere between Great Falls and Kennebunkport. The site originally included an older lakefront home on a fifty-four foot narrow lot. The new home was subject to Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality’s restrictions for High Risk Erosion setbacks and Critical Dunes regulations. Therefore, the new home had to be located seventy-five feet further back from the bluff line resulting in the need to elevate the home above grade in order to provide beach/lake views.

The new home, 2,800 square feet consisting of kitchen, dining, living, master bedroom and an entertainment area all open to panoramic westerly lake views. Two years after the construction, the owners purchased an additional 50’-0” of property to the south of the house, allowing construction of a separate garage and conversion of the attached one-car garage into a formal dining room.

The owner and architect were quite compatible in which a high level of detail and quality of finishes were achieved including iron spot cherry cabinets, quarter-sawn Douglas Fir, kiln-dried Douglas Fir timbers and decking, fireplace bobcat stones two to three feet in diameter, and custom furnishings which were designed and incorporated over a four year period.

Ultimately, this home is a testament to the owners’ and architect’s shared passion and commitment to excellence in the architecture of fine craftsmanship detail and open space.

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