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Lothian, MD The design intent of this home was to create a spatially efficient yet exciting dwelling while responding to the strict program requirements. This was accomplished by creating an open Living area in the center of the home which is flanked by Bedroom and Bathroom spaces on two sides and which flows through to the front porch and rear deck on the other two sides. In this fashion, hallway space is eliminated while still maintaining privacy and sound isolation between the two bedroom wings.

The Home’s exterior provides a “new” traditional design style which should be a good neighbor in context with its surroundings. A classical front porch, reduced to its essential components, addresses the street and acts as a transition between indoors and outdoors. The backyard features a wood deck with an informal roof canopy. On the interior, the Structural Insulated Panel (S.I.P.) roof system provides for a cost effective cathedral ceiling in all areas by being both a structural, insulation, and finish system all in one.

The cost efficiencies and energy-saving features include the use of S.I.P. wall and vented roof systems, insulated foundation walls, high efficiency heat pump with low to no operating cost water heater, and low air-infiltration windows. Design cost efficiencies include reduced lineal feet of interior wall as a result of the efficient open plan as well as using the SIP roofing which provides structural sheathing, insulation, and interior finish. Throughout the construction process the use of recycled materials, including framing materials, plumbing fixtures, and electrical fixtures, is also anticipated.

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